The reason the judges have removed God from the court is that they only address issues of legal fictions (corporations = trusts = individuals = persons)

As an example, all other State Driver Licenses are issued by the State in the all capital letter name. An example would be JOHN P JONES. On the New Jersey Driver License Application, they ask for the first name, middle initial and then the last name. It is important to note that they do not want to know the full lawful Christian Name. A middle initial has been ruled to be no name at all. So the application may have John P Jones on it, but that is a fictitious name, it is void for vagueness as a Christian Name.

You see the State knows that they have no authority to compel a Christian Man to be licensed to exercise the right of liberty.

If they had the right, they would demand your full Christian Name. If the State demanded you apply in a Christian Name, it would be an act of War against the United States of America, Treason, violation of Due Process, an attempt to overthrow the lawful government by the enslavement of the people, and more!

The statutes only apply to legal fictions and this is going to have to come out when they bring the judges in to answer as to why they did what they did in the South Dakota courts.

The cat is going to get out of the bag and eyes are going to be opened. 

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